Suspending the feeder

  • The feeder should be suspended over the pond, far enough from the edge of the pond to avoid injury to your koi by collision with the pond edge.  
  • The suspension must be strong enough to hold 8 pounds (3.6 kilo), the weight of a full feeder.
  • A few ideas for suspension systems include a metal Shepard’s hook, wood mailbox post and arm, hanging from existing overhead frame work, and suspended on a rope strung across the pond.  
  • Height above water needs to be at least 6” (16cm).  A foot or two (30 to 60 cm) is better.  There is no limit on the maximum height.
  • The feeder should be detached from the suspension when refilling.

Adjusting screw

  • The adjusting screw performs two functions.  The first is to control the opening on the feed hopper.  The second is to provide the counter-weight for the lever.
  • To adjust the opening of the feed hopper, loosen the locknut, turn the screw in to make the opening smaller and out to make it larger, and then retighten the lock nut. For very small feeds, the opening must be made smaller.  
  • The lock nut must be securely tightened to prevent the adjusting screw from loosening and falling out.  Please check the lock nut each time you refill the feeder.
  • The adjusting screw provides the lever counter-weight and must be installed for the lever to function properly.  More weight may be added by removing the screw, slipping on additional weight such as flat washers or a nut onto the screw and then reinstalling the screw.  
  • Please test your feeder with the feed you will be using before placing it over your pond.  Retest when changing brands or sizes of feed.

Adjusting the pull string

  • The pull string can be shortened or lengthened by sliding the string adjuster disk up or down the pull string.  To loosen the string, push the lower string up through the disk.   
  • The string adjuster disc must never touch the water.  Your koi could become entangled in the doubled pull string above the disk.  If necessary further shorten the pull string to insure the double portion of the pull string is above the water or use a single string only.

Leather lure

  • The pull string needs to be adjusted so the leather lure is in the water.  The attachment point of the pull string and lure should be at water level.  Avoid having the pull string in the water.
  • The leather lure will need to be replaced periodically.  Leather lace can be obtained at most craft stores.  Deer hide is our preferred leather as it lasts longer and, if dried after use, will become flexible again when submerged.  

Filling the feeder

  • Remove the feeder from the suspension system and place on a firm flat surface.
  • Turn the knob, located under the roof eave, counter clockwise until you can lift the lid.  
  • Lift the lid, add feed, close lid and push the knob in and turn clockwise until the lid is secure.

Initial feeding suggestions

  • For the first several days, add only that amount of feed to the feeder that you normally had been using at one feeding.  Do this at the times you had been feeding.
  • For the next several days, add one day’s feed each day.
  • After that, continue increasing the amount of feed each day until you are comfortable with the increased amounts.
  • We recommend filling the feeder with only one or two days supply at a time to keep the feed fresh.  When away for several days, fill the feeder as you desire.
  • To help your koi find the leather lure faster, try rubbing it with a clove of garlic or wetting it with vegetable or fish oil before placing in the pond.  Most koi will use the feeder after a couple of hours.  Depending upon natural feed, hand feeding, recent spawn etc. it may take several days for the koi to begin using the feeder.

WARNING: It is the pond owner’s responsibility to insure that the mechanical and biological filtration systems are adequate to handle the increase in feed and fish waste products.


Pictures and comments

  • We would like to see pictures of your feeder in action in your pond.  If you send us a picture, we may post it on our website and identify it as you wish. We recommend using your first name and initial of last name and state or country.  
  • We welcome all comments and also suggestions for improvements and new finishes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • For feeders purchased directly from Kichi Systems, LLC:  Within 30 days of your purchase, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your feeder, please return it (in the original packaging if possible) shipping prepaid, to the address shown below.  We will promptly refund your original purchase price or replace the feeder if you desire.  If your feeder was purchased from others, please contact them for their return policies.

Limited Warranty

  • Your feeder is covered for any defects in materials or workmanship for 180 days from date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover the leather lure which needs to be replaced periodically.  Contact us for all warranty issues.

Shipping Damage

  • Your feeder was inspected prior to shipping.  If upon unpacking your feeder you notice any damage, please contact the shipping company to report the damage and file a claim.  If you return a damaged feeder to us, we will not be able to file a claim nor will we reimburse you.

Replacement Parts

  • Contact us via email or letter if you need a replacement leather lure or a longer string.
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